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It is the mission of the SHFM Foundation to develop the next generation of diverse hospitality professionals by empowering individuals through awareness, education and relationship building. To further our mission the Foundation has developed the following programs to support college aged students whose course of study focuses on managed services, as well as members of the U.S. Armed Forces who our Foundation viewed as the next generation of individuals in the Workplace Amenities and Foodservice industry.

Bill Day

SHFM Foundation Course Funding grants are available for up to $2,500 to support the education of future foodservice and hospitality managers in the industry that focuses on the corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality segment (onsite / non-commercial / managed services foodservice segments). Three (3) SHFM Foundation Course Funding grants are available annually. 

In honor and memory of long-time SHFM Foundation leader and Johnson & Wales University professor, William “Bill” Day, one of the four grants has been permanently named “The William J. Day Memorial Course Funding Grant”. Bill passed away after a battle with cancer.

In order to qualify, an application must be completed during the program application cycle. In addition to the application, applicants must also submit the required materials and describe how you will use the funds provided.  

Course Funding Guidelines/Examples

  • The purchase of textbooks and published materials focused on the onsite / non-commercial / managed services foodservice segments for use by students at no cost.
  • Purchase of research, case studies, computer programs and other items focused on onsite / non-commercial / managed services foodservice segments.
  • Purchase of supplies and resources for student semester projects focused on onsite / non-commercial / managed services foodservice segments.
  • Trade magazine and other subscriptions focused on onsite / non-commercial / managed services foodservice segment.
  • Transportation and meals for student field visits to corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality operations (onsite / non-commercial / managed services foodservice segment).
  • Other areas of funding are subject to approval by the SHFM Foundation and must be focused on onsite / non-commercial / managed services foodservice segments.

Questions about this program can be directed to Executive Director, Tony Butler at

The newest program from the Foundation is to establish relationships with higher education institutions in order to educate and inform students, the future leaders in our industry, on the benefits and creativity of the Workplace Amenities and Foodservice industry. This segment of the foodservice and hospitality industry where hospitality creativity is endless in an environment which can provide a high-quality of life for individuals seeking a work-life balance. 

Preparing students for real world experiences in the workplace is critical to their success. By necessity, the workplace hospitality industry is changing rapidly. Our organization provides and early entry point with access to key thought leaders, actionable insights and important trends that are shaping the future. Some of the specific elements that student chapters have access to are as follows:

  • Conference: Active students will have an opportunity to attend our SHFM National Conference and experience Student Programming each year at the conference. Each year prior to National Conference, a virtual meeting would be held with a panel discussion for students to make the most of their conference participation. 
  • SHFM Foundation Affiliation: Universities looking to partner with SHFM can do so in a number of ways, including course funding, student chapters, and other engagement opportunities.
  • Guest Speakers: SHFM key members, can be coordinated to participate in monthly chapter meetings. Topics can range from “a day in the life” shared by one of our younger “Rising Stars” to a strategic outlook for the industry post-Covid and beyond.
  • Educational Content: Resources include our website which provides unique primary research regarding industry trends, access to podcosts (Served by SHFM) and access to industry experts with live Q&A sessions with some of the biggest names in our industry.
  • Other Networking Opportunities: Student involvement in virtual webinars and information series throughout the academic year. 

Students are our future and we are excited to invite them in to help them better understand our segment of the hospitality industry! We would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and your institution about the benefits of having a SHFM chapter on your campus. 

For information about this program contact our Executive Director, Tony Butler at

As reference above in our Student Affiliation/Chapter Program, the SHFM Foundation plans and provides student educational content specifically designed for the student at the SHFM National Conference. In addition to this specially designed content, students will also have access to the educational programming provided to SHFM members through the conference sessions and networking activities. To apply for a potential scholarship to attend the SHFM National Conference, please see the scholarship program information below. 

Student and Military Fellowship Program to Attend the SHFM National Conference

Students who are members of our Student Affiliations/Chapters or affiliated with the SHFM Foundation may apply for funding to attendee the SHFM National Conference. 

This same program is available to active-duty military and those individuals who are exiting the armed forces to join the workforce. 

Applications are accepted annually and provides the benefits detailed below.

Program Benefits

  • Complimentary registration at one SHFM National conference during the program year, plus airfare, hotel and ground transportation to and from the conference property (travel policy rules apply)
  • Access to mentors, including executives, suppliers and SHFM Leadership
  • Opportunity to provide input to shape the future of SHFM
  • Opportunity for recognition

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be a student at a Chapter or affiliated higher education institution. 
  • Student applicants must have the recommendation of a faculty member.
  • Applicants must be an active-duty military member or a recent former member of the military seeking employment within the Workplace Amenities and Foodservice industry. 
  • Program participants qualify for program benefits for one national conference. 
  • Program participants shall agree to active student or military membership in SHFM for a minimum of one year. 

Questions about this program can be directed to Executive Director, Tony Butler at

The Military/Hennessy Traveler Program was created to promote educational opportunities for members of the U. S. Armed Forces serving in hospitality assignments. The program provides encouragement and support for those members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have an interest in pursuing career opportunities in foodservice hospitality upon their departure from military service. The partnership of civilian foodservice organizations like SHFM is invaluable to the men and women in uniform that benefit from our career mentorship and ongoing advice.

SHFM and the SHFM Foundation is proud to have been a part of the Military Traveler Program since its inception through the legacy associations who merged to create SHFM. Our first traveler participated in 1957! Today, the tour is still designed to find the best dining facility in the Armed Forces, and in the process discover outstanding young military men and women who the evaluation team determine to be the most deserving of special recognition which consists of attending the NRA Show in Chicago for recognition and training and also attendance at the Armed Forces Forum for Culinary Excellence held at the CIA, Greystone in Napa each year.

Hear from Dick Hynes about the History of the Traveler Program 

View all the Past Military/Hennessy Travelers

Questions about this program can be directed to Executive Director, Tony Butler at

The We Care program allows SHFM members to support a member of the military by purchasing goods, packing and sending a very much appreciated Care Package to an Active-Duty Service Member. Many of our Air Force Personnel, Sailors, Marines and Soldiers are deployed, far from home, in areas with limited access to retail convenience items, the everyday things we take for granted.

Questions about this program can be directed to Executive Director, Tony Butler at

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