Rising Star Spotlight – Hannah Guy

Guy HannahHannah Guy, Middleby

Your first SHFM event was a Philadelphia Local, how was it for you to break into the SHFM family?

Breaking into the SHFM Family was much easier and not as nerve racking as I had initially thought that it would be! I was new into my current role and new to SHFM at the time. I didn’t think I would see any familiar faces. I was quickly welcomed in by many of the established members who further continued to introduce me to other fellow SHFM members. Many of these individuals that I had met at my first SHFM event I consider to be close work and personal friends today.

You have been very active on several committees, how has this involvement helped you grow your professional network?

My involvement on the Marketing Membership Committee and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council has given me the opportunity to work closely with many individuals involved in the various facets of the foodservice and hospitality industry. Many of these individuals that I have had the chance to work with in SHFM are involved in multiple associations and our paths cross frequently. I have had both the ability to call and be called upon by many of these peers for insights, resources, and collaborative work initiatives.

You have had a number mentors within SHFM, what has that meant to you personally and professionally?

My mentors in SHFM have been instrumental in ensuring that I am fully utilizing and tapping into the various resources that are open and available to me. The best piece of advice that I have received as a member of SHFM is to “put in what you hope to get out”. With this advice, I have thrown myself into this organization and participate wherever and whenever I can. These mentors have offered me insights and guidance into this industry and have supported my growing career in Foodservice and Hospitality. My mentors have also inspired me to do the same for other new members in this organization and industry as a whole.

You are a new Rising Star, how has this experience been and how has the Denver conference for you?

Being a Rising Star this year has been an absolute honor and an incredible opportunity. My goal as a Rising Star has gone back to my first SHFM event in Philadelphia. I am striving to welcome people, particularly younger members, into this society and industry that at first glance, can seem pretty tight knit full of established members. The Denver Conference was a great chance to see the good friends that I have made over the years and to meet these young and new members looking to join SHFM. I had the chance to convey my positive experiences and relate with these individuals as I was in their shoes not too long ago. I am eagerly looking forward to Conference next year!

Finally, our traditional final question: What and where was the best meal you have ever had?  

Too many to count! A new Chicago favorite of mine is High Five Ramen in the West Loop! The only items on the menu are ramen options. There are 12 seats in the whole establishment that is hidden underground. Be prepared to wait for 3+ hours for an entirely worthwhile experience!

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