Rising Star Spotlight
SHFM recognizes the importance of Young Professionals and the role they play in an organization’s success and longevity. The SHFM and SHFM Foundation Rising Stars Program has been established to recognize and reward individuals for their outstanding work. The purpose of the program is to actively engage Rising Stars by providing complimentary exposure. In turn, SHFM anticipates that participants in the program will provide valuable insight into potential growth solutions for years to come. The program is an opportunity for both sides to achieve a mutual form of success.
In order to be eligible for the program applicants must be employed at their member company for at least one year and be 39 years age or under. Chosen participants agree to continue SHFM membership for a minimum of three years and actively engage in SHFM Local events and the SHFM Young Member Taskforce. Program participants qualify for program benefits for one year. Program participation is also limited to a maximum of 3 years, which much must be served consecutively.
The Rising Star program is an amazing opportunity to change someone’s career and improve SHFM. Who will you choose as the next Rising Star? If you, or someone you know, fits the bill to be one of SHFM's next class of Rising Stars, please fill out an application and send it to our Membership & Marketing Coordinator Paul Smith.

The 2016 class of Rising Stars

Amber Bresnihan, Compass Group
Christiana Castillo, Compass Group
Brian Cote, Aramark
Kellie Farrelly, Aramark
Whitney Folden, Aramark
Todd Hurton, Aramark
Zachary Marshall, Compass Group
Kaitlin Miller, Compass Group
Joseph Noel, Aramark
Dawn Pass, Sodexo
Aileen Schuh, Compass Group
Samantha Vick-McGill, Compass Group
Emily Wunder, Compass Group