Rising Star Spotlight

Emily Wunder, RD, LDN | Corporate Dietician, Catering Manager | Eurest

What about the foodservice/hospitality industry intrigues you?
Food is our primary fuel, so much that people are using food as medicine!  The foodservice industry reaches so many people and can truly make an impact on people’s health and lives.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
My goal as an RD would be to grow into a regional position in the food and nutrition field.

Is your current position the first you’ve held at Compass Group?
Within Compass Group I also worked for Morrison.  Working for Morrison and now Eurest has given me a well-rounded view of the varying needs within sectors while always staying true to customer service.

What experience from university do you most value?
I greatly value all of the relationships I formed with students and professors and the experiences it provided.  My professors were able to connect me with volunteer and job opportunities that helped me learn even more beyond my classes while becoming an RD.

How has your involvement with SHFM helped your professional success?
Attending the SHFM conference was such a great experience that provided me with new knowledge on the foodservice industry and so many networking opportunities.  Being asked to be an SHFM Rising Star and to be featured in the SHFM eNewsletter are professional successes to me!