Letter From The President
Delivering Success, Time after Time

From Washington, D.C. to Charlotte, SHFM Locals have been one accomplishment after the next. The road to success has a few more stops along the way including events in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. Without the committees on the ground working as hard as they do, none of this would be possible. It’s the people that matter and they’re the ones that make it work.

They bring the spirit and passion of SHFM to life in these locations all around the country. They’re making a difference by raising the visibility of SHFM and increasing the size of membership month after month.

The success of the Critical Issues Conference in New York City really showcased the skill and fortitude of SHFM. Held at a non-traditional location, showcasing the use of space and getting the most out of it, the event was a huge success. With a record attendance it was easy to see the talent SHFM exemplifies in networking and delivering exceptional content.

The Besh Conference Yet

Our showcase event year after year is the SHFM conference. This year the event proudly returns to the great city of New Orleans, exactly 10 years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. This year’s return to the city is a special tie for those who call New Orleans home. The city is thriving more than ever and what a perfect time to bring the passion of SHFM back to the Big Easy.

The events programming is composed of a stellar list of speakers including: General Honoré , who led the city in the days after Katrina. Chef John Besh, one of the most influential culinary acts in town, will present his culinary ideas and discuss how Katrina influenced his cooking.

The programing will also explore the largest generation since the Baby Boomers, the Millenials, with Jason Dorsey-the most acclaimed speaker on generational shift in the world. Industry leaders will bring strategies to attract and retain this generation during highly informative panels. The wave of Millennials is more than 81 million individuals deep and it is more important now than ever to be prepared. From cafes to conference rooms, this generation will shift everything we know about the industry and corporate hospitality.

In the end this conference is about seizing opportunities for growth. We hope you learn, explore, meet new contacts and have a little fun along the way. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tony Kaszuba | SHFM President