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The Served by SHFM podcast explores insights and perspectives from industry professionals that will both educate and inspire. Join host and SHFM Rising Star, Michael Moore, as he sits down with special SHFM guests. Please keep in mind, the views and opinions expressed on the podcast are not necessarily those of SHFM or its members.

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  • Chasing Experiences

    Special guest Lauren Beckwith, Program Manager for ISS Guckenheimer, joins our host Michael Moore. Lauren shares her culinary path from a young age, from working with goats and selling cake at the county fair to dreaming of being a food scientist and attending culinary school. While navigating the industry and taking new opportunities, she decides to chase new experiences through self-growth. After taking a step back personally, she was able to take a leap forward professionally, gaining the confidence to create better experiences for others.

  • Making Waves in Sustainability

    In this episode of Served by SHFM, host Michael Moore is joined by three special guests: John Abrahamson, Vice President of Sales, Monterey Bay Aquarium; Executive Chef Matthew Beaudin, Monterey Bay Aquarium; and Lura Migdal, Retail and Culinary Manager, Service Systems Associates. Our guests discuss pushing the boundaries of sustainable programs while achieving record growth and record sales.

  • Supporting a Sustainable Food System

    Special Guest, Mark Allison, Executive Corporate Chef at Forever Oceans, joins our host, Michael Moore. Mark gives us a glimpse into his roots, what led him to the culinary world and his sustainable work with Forever Oceans. Mark discusses natural food trends and how Forever Oceans is exploring new ways to support a sustainable food system.

  • Can Science Close the Loop on Plastic?

    Special Guest, Dr. Hal Alper, Kenneth A. Kobe Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, joins our host, Michael Moore. Hal shares his source for curiosity from a young age, and his passion for research that led him to project management. Oh, and his team may have just closed the loop on plastic. Tune in to hear how!

  • Storytelling with LinkedIn - A Podcast Crossover Episode!

    This is a special crossover episode with the Where We Buy: Retail Real Estate podcast with host James Cook, JLL. James and Served by SHFM’s host, Michael Moore, co-host this episode with special guest Anna Bohbot, LinkedIn. Anna drives LinkedIn’s global food program’s strategy for LinkedIn employees around the world. She shares how LinkedIn uses narratives to communicate the story behind the food they serve and promote sustainability to employees. 

    *This audio only podcast is available wherever your stream your favorite podcasts. 

  • I Never Thought I’d Do That!

    Current SHFM President, Sharon Eliatamby, joins host Michael Moore. Sharon, Senior Project Manager, The World Bank Group, shares her passion for travel, her career advancement and how it ultimately led her to SHFM. Within in SHFM, she quickly built professional and personal connections through her involvement in the association’s various committees. As the first Asian SHFM President, she shares her vision for her term including her diversity-driven focus, outlook for the future and inspiring others to be the change.

  • Creating a roadMAPP to Advance: The Power of Mentorship & Advocacy

    Special guest Joanna James, Filmmaker, CEO and Founder of Zoel Productions and MAPP 501C3, joins our host Michael Moore. Joanna shares her drive for storytelling from a young age, through her multi-award-winning filmmaking career to the launch of MAPP. MAPP helps women advance in their careers through 1-on-1 mentorship, advocacy for gender and racial equities and policies that support working families, sponsoring pandemic relief grants, and creating opportunities for representation where women and people of color are sorely missed. She provides a glimpse into MAPP, their impact and expansion for the future.

  • UpRoot Colorado: Hunger Games Charitable Partner

    Special guests Rita Mary Hennigan and David Laskarzewski, Co-Directors at UpRoot Colorado, join our host Michael Moore. Based in Colorado, UpRoot strives to increase the nutrition security of Coloradans by harvesting and redistributing surplus, nutrient-dense foods while supporting the resilience of farmers. Step into the work-boots-on-the-ground efforts to establish a new status quo—one that includes food equity and nutrition security for all Coloradans—with our charitable partner for the 2022 SHFM National Conference Hunger Games!

  • Portrait of a Modern Chef

    Take a journey through the back of the house with Chef Chris Aquilino, Chief Culinary & Vision Officer at Further Culinary Group, and our host Michael Moore. Chef Chris shares where his interest in cooking began and how his culinary career has evolved over the years. Chef Chris discusses his outlook for the future of foodservice trends, overcoming challenges and a new approach to food.

  • The Story Behind the Ingredients We Love

    What’s the history behind the ingredients we love? Ndidi Nwuneli, Founder/Chair of Nourishing Africa, joins our host Michael Moore to discuss the origins and evolution of the food products we use every day. Ndidi shares her passion for retelling the story of African food and steps we can take to change the narrative.

  • Across the Table - Negotiating Successful Partnerships

    Special guest, Michael Craig, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Nutrislice, joins our host Michael Moore. How can you add value to long term partnerships through impactful negotiation? Michael Craig discusses negotiation strategy, silos and opportunity for creative collaboration.

  • The Power of Intentional Decision-Making: Part 1 and 2

    Selena shares what influenced and motivated her career path in entrepreneurship as well as food and beverage. She also discusses the importance of leaders opening doorways and advocating for those in their community and globally. They discuss how the decisions made at the corporate level can impact the community around them. The choice to be intentional in those decisions can have a profound impact as well as address inequalities in the community. How can your decisions effect change?

  • The Fear of Not Failing: Lessons from a Startup

    Hosts, Michael Moore and Danielle Pedersen, are joined by Alexander Olesen, CEO/Co-Founder, Babylon Micro-Farms Inc. Alexander takes us through his journey of creating a startup. He shares his “aha moment” when he knew his start up concept of sustainable hydroponic farming was coming to life. He is careful to point out that being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It requires you to embrace risk and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. What lessons will you take away from Alexander’s entrepreneurial spirit?

  • Served By SHFM Video Podcast - Leaning IN with the SHFM Foundation

    Special guest, Jeanine Cosgrove-Albert, Vice President, At Your Service Staffing, joins our hosts Michael Moore and Danielle Pedersen. Jeanine provides a glimpse into her career path and how it led her to join SHFM. Within SHFM, she quickly found that the SHFM Foundation was a natural place for her to “lean in” and make a difference in the foodservice and hospitality industry. As the current Foundation Chair, she shares how the Foundation is purposefully making an impact now - and for years to come.

  • Served By SHFM Video Podcast - Making Wellness a Priority

    Special guest, Shauna McQueen, Global Wellbeing Lead, ISS, joins hosts, Michael Moore and Danielle Pedersen. How do YOU define wellness? Shauna defines wellness as finding regular opportunities for joy in your life. She shares ideas on how to more effectively rollout wellness in the workplace and how this can strengthen us as individuals, employees and businesses.

  • Bringing Heart to the Corporate World

    Special Guest, Mboone Umbima, VP, Brand Strategy, David Rio Tea and Coffee, Inc., joins hosts, Michael Moore and Danielle Pedersen. Have you ever put all of your energy into something that’s not working? Mboone shares that sometimes you have to STOP… and completely re-direct. She discusses how to think from the heart space (instead of the head space) to foster deeper connections that support retention and collaboration in the workplace.

  • How Did They Do That So Fast? Innovating With Urgency

    Hosts, Michael Moore and Danielle Pedersen, are joined by special guest, Kevin Dorr, Vice President of Retail Solutions, Morrison Healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted the hospitality industry. Kevin discusses how the industry has quickly adapted and adopted an offensive strategy - with a sense of urgency by accelerating innovation. Challenge yourself to create an environment that allows those around you to continue to innovate and fail forward so when crunch time comes, you are ready.

  • Culture Factor: Investing In Your People and Culture

    Hosts, Michael Moore and Danielle Pedersen, sit down with special guest, Bobbi Capps, Vice President of Operations, Aramark Business Dining. They explore Bobbi’s unique background that has shaped her love of building a positive company culture – and why it’s important for leaders to engage with and encourage their teams. How can you take your company culture to the next level?

  • Series Premiere: Nourishing the Guest Experience

    Welcome to the premier episode of Served by SHFM. Hosts, Michael Moore and Danielle Pedersen, are beyond thrilled to kick off the series with special guest Mike Fiato, Senior Vice President of Guest Experience, Eurest. They talk all things guest experience as the workplace hospitality industry re-opens. What are the challenges (and opportunities) with re-opening? Hear why food and hospitality may be more important in the workplace than ever.

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