Past Presidents
Rob Gordon (2019-2020)
Current Role: Director of Experience, Cure.
Rob Geile (2018-2019)
Current Role: Vice President, Consultant Service, Ali Group North America
Victoria Vega (2017-2018)
Current Role: Vice President, Operations, Corporate Culinary, Unidine Corporation

How has SHFM impacted me?
Leading a dynamic association of my peers, colleagues, competitors and supplier partners has made me a better leader as this role is similar to being a CEO. Channeling the interests of so many augmented my diplomacy and strength of character. I hope my legacy in launching the Diversity Council continues to foster unity and connectedness by being champions of ethical corporate responsibility in workplace hospitality.
Holly Von Seggern (2016-2017)
Current Role: President, HRV Marketing & Communcations
Bernadette Ventura Bernadette Ventura (2015-2016)
Current Role: Principal, Prism Hospitality Group

How has SHFM impacted me?
For more than 20 years, SHFM has served as an endless resource for me. Original research, industry trends and the SHFM network are always a click, email or phone call away. The network that makes up the SHFM family is invaluable and a source of endless education. Through the Society, I have strengthened my industry insights and leadership skills by watching and learning from peer members, participating in and chairing several committees and serving on the board of directors.
Becoming a more effective leader paved the way to the SHFM presidency. As president, I had the privilege of driving our strategic plan and readying our Society for the next generation of hospitality leaders with the introduction of the Rising Stars program. The  program continues to grow under the leadership of presidents that came after me and the Rising Stars themselves! This legacy is an amazing honor. My collective industry and SHFM experiences led to the honor of serving as the Hennessy Traveler in 2018, a unique role as a civilian Air Force foodservice evaluator at several bases in the U.S. and abroad.
Clearly SHFM has had a meaningful impact on me professionally, and in each of my professional roles, I've been regarded as a trusted industry SME. On a personal note, I've made lifelong friendships through the Society and I encourage all industry professionals, especially in the corporate sector, to join and "show up!" 
Tony Kaszuba Tony Kaszuba (2014-2015)
Current Role: Director of Business Development, Restaurant Associates

How has SHFM impacted me?
SHFM has not only had a major impact on my career but also my personal life. During my years at SHFM I learned from the Presidents before me, clients, industry icons and vendors. But most importantly the countless members I had the ability to interact with and who helped me during my presidency. SHFM is not just an association to me but a second family! I have life-long friends I have met at SHFM and for that I am truly grateful!
Sabrina Capannola (2013-14)
Current Role: Senior Project Manager, The World Bank
Mark Freeman Mark Freeman (2012-13)
Current Role: Head of Global Food, LinkedIn 

How has SHFM impacted me?
During my tenure as president I had the pleasure of bringing the “H” (hospitality) to SFM. Throughout my fantastic year I was given many opportunities to meet and interact with corporate foodservice professionals including CEO’s CFO’s, COO’s and owners of hospitality companies. The networking and friends I have made by being a part of SHFM are way beyond what I had ever imagined. Becoming involved in the organization and not just being a member has offered me so many personal growth opportunities. Leadership skills, speaking skills, human relationship skills, organizational skills, thinking skills, and time management were all key in my learnings as president. The ability to put all these into action was monumental for me. SHFM is more than an industry association it is an extended family of friends and colleagues.
Barbara Kane (2011-12)
Current Role: Retired

How has SFM impacted my career?
To get anything out of an Association you have to get involved. Attend a conference, join a committee, work towards a board position or even represent our industry as President. There are so many wonderful things you can get out of this experience but one of the most important is the leadership skills you gain. It can be intimidating at first, but the people I have met during my board and president terms have helped me grow both personally and professionally.
Carol Bracken-Tilley (2010-11)
Current Role: Director of Strategic Solutions, Compass Group North America

How has SFM impacted your career?
SFM has allowed me to grow my network within the industry ten-fold. The opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and eventually as president and be part of the future planning and implementation of strategy for the Society was a life time experience I will always value. 
Ann McNally (2009-2010)
Current Role: Consultant, 4xi Global Consulting

How has SFM impacted your career?
I started out working in the private restaurant industry many years ago. I then joined the “onsite” side of the business working in the airport, education, and business sectors. I worked on the contract side of the business for ten plus years and have now worked on the client side of the business for ten plus years. SFM has been paramount to my career and to my development as a professional woman. I have met, networked and become friends with hundreds of people in our field. Because of these deep relationships I can benchmark and discuss business challenges I face very quickly. Our industry changes constantly and it is important to be well rounded in your knowledge and experience. The one thing that remains a constant in our industry is SFM being the resource you can count on, so that you can navigate any and all changes that come your way. In SFM, I have been extremely lucky to have access to such specialized experts in onsite foodservice. Many have helped me bring the most modern ideas and trends whether in sustainability, health and wellness or the latest technology back to my firm. Having this support group of professionals from all aspects of the industry is vital to keeping our individual businesses afloat, ahead of the curve, and in touch with our consumers.
Owen Moore (2008-2009)
Current Role: Associate Vice President of Campus Services, New York University

How has SFM impacted your career?
Serving in a leadership position at SFM provided me with a fantastic opportunity to work with dynamic professionals driven towards excellence, long-term solutions and a shared passion to constantly push the boundaries within the on-site dining segment. The experience challenged me personally and professionally but is, to this day, one of the most rewarding accomplishments in my career. I hold the highest value to the relationships and friendships established through being an active member of SFM. 
Kathy Sanders (2007-2008)
Current Role: Retired

How has SFM impacted your career?
SFM has impacted me tremendously in the 17 years that I have been a member. The relationships built, the network of professionals with a myriad of experience to share has been invaluable. When you are part of an organization whose core competency is NOT foodservice, and you are a team of between one and three people focusing on food and vending services, SFM resources and benchmarking become a lifeline to the industry. SHFM has provided timely and relevant programming through regional and national conferences, featuring excellent content and top notch speakers addressing today’s challenges in corporate and business dining and solutions and options for overcoming those challenges.

On a personal level, I have gained many new friends, some of which I have become very close to and shared many experiences on a professional and personal level. I truly believe I would not be as successful in my role here at Wells Fargo if it were not for the education, resources, and relationships built while a member of SFM.
Sally Minier (2006-2007)
Current Role: Global Foodservice Strategy Manager, Jane Street Capital

How has SFM impacted your career?
The skills, contacts and confidence I developed while leading SHFM has been invaluable in my corporate career as well as my entrepreneurial ventures. The successes I've had in my professional life wouldn't have been possible without the people I've met through SFM
Russ Benson, FMP (2005-2006)
Current Role: Founder & CEO, DayOne Hospitality Consulting

How has SFM impacted your career?
SFM has enabled me to understand best practices to adapt to a changing business environment.
James Wulforst (2004-2005)
Current Role: President, Golden Gate Ventures, LLC

How has SFM impacted your career?
I’ve been a member of SFM since 1988 (24 years) and think of SFM as a “family” of industry professionals that, when called upon, always steps up to the plate to help out a fellow member….like a family member. Over the years (and leading up to my Presidency in 2004), it was a vast array of members that helped me “be successful” in my past roles with Time Warner, Duke University and now at Coca-Cola World Headquarters. SFM is an organization of folks that continually “give more than they get” when it comes to helping other industry professionals out. It’s by far the best Industry Networking group to be a member of!
Ronald V. Ehrhardt, FMP (2003-2004)
Current Role: Vice President, Safety - Strategic Risks and Growth

How has SFM impacted your career?
Being involved with SFM has impacted my career and personal life in so many positive ways. Attending SFM conferences has provided me a wealth of knowledge and has kept me current in the latest trends impacting our industry. Being involved with SFM has also allowed me the opportunity to travel the world and be an Air Force Hennessy Traveler, which was a life-changing experience for me. Serving on the SFM Board of Directors and as President, I have gotten to know and consider friends, many of the national key players in the foodservice industry. My SFM circle of friends has been like a second family to me and has always been there for support for both the good and bad times. No matter how hard I could try, I could never give back more than what SFM has given to me. I will always be indebted to SFM and will do everything I can to support it through the rest of my career and beyond.
Jay B. Silverstein* (2002-2003)

Robert E. Whitcomb, FMP (2001-2002)
Current Role: Retired 

How has SFM impacted your career?
SFM introduced me to my competitors and I became friends with many of them. So many generously shared their successes and failures and I found great solace in this as often our many transformations were painful and the outcomes uncertain.
Kent R. Bain (2000-2001)
Current Role: Director of Strategic Partnerships, Aramark

After spending my early career in the restaurant industry, SFM enabled me to make a smooth transition to the on-site segment of our business. I was amazed at the free advice and support I received from SFM peers which heightened my desire to become more actively involved in the association. Traveling and visiting other food and conference locations, establishing networking lanes and meeting the membership on a national basis through SFM events accelerated my growth at the bank. I was never prouder than SFM's reaction to 9/11 when I was the associations president. The contributions of SFM to the nation's recovery - especially in New York City - were nothing short of amazing and a testament to the love and ability of our people towards the business. These relationships and friendships are what I treasure most about my 30 year association with SFM. I hope to enjoy another 30 years of participation with SHFM!
Douglas Hawthorne, FMP (1999-2000)
Current Role: Exemption Coordinator, McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments

How has SFM impacted your career?
My involvement with SFM was the most important affiliation I had in my 40+ years in the foodservice industry. It allowed me access to invaluable information and contacts throughout the industry worldwide. This is not mentioning a tremendous number of lifelong friendships.
Julie A. Flik, FMP* (1998-99)
Arnold W. Miller (1997-98)
Debi Benedetti, FMP (1996-97)
Current Role: Strategist, Coach, Explorer, Beyond the Possible

How has SFM impacted your career?
SFM provided incredible access to the best minds and ideas in the corporate foodservice segment.  It also gave us access to the media who helped get the story out about our very young company, Bon Appètit Management Company. I was able to be very involved with several initiatives including the alliance work with the European Catering Association. All of this was a graduate level education in organizational development and strategy. I have developed lifetime colleagues, mentors and friends through SFM. It has been a connector to incredible information and networks. As Dr. Bertice Berry says, “The more you know the more you become!”
Richard Kresky* (1995-96)
Amy Greenberg (1994-95)
Current Role: Retired

How has SFM impacted your career?
For the past nearly 30 years, SFM has kept me connected with colleagues, trends, and corporate dining thought leadership. As a liaison, this is vitally important since, by definition, we work for companies whose core business is normally far removed from the business of foodservice and hospitality.  SFM has enriched my understanding of the place foodservice serves in the corporate setting, and has given me the tools to enhance my ability to leverage the services we manage within the business model.
William Lembach (1993-94)
Gus Gregory (1992-93)
Current Role: Retired/Consultant for the Small Business Administration and Service Core of Retired Executives

SHFM not only had an impact on my business career, but also my personal life. I met so many truly talented people over the years and many of them became lifelong friends. My SHFM Directory was GOLD. Any question could be answered or discussed at any time.

I was also honored to be on the board for many years and serve as president in 1992-93. I was also very proud that we got involved in the European Catering Association (ECA). For years, we were able to attend their conventions and got to see many of their operations in their respective countries and a large group from the ECA would always attend our convention. Many of those folks I am still in contact with to this day. Thank you SHFM!

I would encourage anyone in the business to become a member and become involved in SHFM initiatives. You can only maximize your membership benefits by being involved.
Gary Gunderson (1991-92)
Current Role: Principal and Co-Founder, Innovative Hospitality Solution, Inc.
How has SFM impacted my career?
As founding member of SFM, I can't say enough good things. I have had the opportunity to work with so many great mentors. This organization has provided great leadership development and networking for onsite foodservice.
Lease A. Plimpton (1990-91)
Edward J. Sirhal (1989-1990)
Current Role: Retired

How has SFM impacted your career?
SFM meant access and inclusion into a network of top professionals of clients, operators and suppliers who were willing to mentor, eager to share best practices and ultimately become some of my most trusted friends.
Neil S. Reyer (1988-89)
Current Role: Gainfully Unemployed Retiree.  Provide pro bono and gratuitous advice under the name FoodFlair freely giving away over 44 years of foodservice experience that I freely received.

How has SFM impacted your career?
1. Honing my leadership skills and developing the abilities to work effectively and productively within a highly diverse group dynamic was definitely the result of my eight years on the Board and serving as President of the SFM from 1988-1989 (the 10th Anniversary). Every past president worked with people on their Board who were truly diverse in demographics and opinion, forcing the leader to be able to coalesce the Board into acting in a unified manner and aimed in purposeful direction.

2. Membership in SFM when I was actively employed provided a unique and informal cadre of unpaid consultants who I could immediately reach out to when asked by my boss: “How are they handling this over at so and so company?” A day didn’t go by when I wasn’t asked to do a survey about something to do with what other companies were doing. And so I always had my SFM directory at the ready for those inevitable phone calls I would make to colleagues. This for me was probably the most important and useful resource…the network.

3. Finally, and perhaps the longest lasting impact that the SFM has had on me, was the metamorphosis of a handful of colleagues into lifelong friends who I continue to see and remain in contact with in my retirement years. Frequent luncheon gatherings which provide a forum for reminiscing about “old times” (and bad health) fills a void that is so often common in retirement.  Thanks to the SFM for giving me this camaraderie in my senior years.
Michael Barclay (1987-88)
Current Role: Retired

How has SFM impacted your career?
The Society for Foodservice Management was very valuable to me in early years of my onsite dining career. And I honestly believe that value would not be diminished today if I had time to participate more regularly. First and foremost, SFM provided a means for meeting, getting to know and working with professionals from all areas of our industry (client liaisons, consultants, suppliers, competitors, association management, etc.). These interactions with industry-leading individuals and companies offered opportunities for enhanced learning not only about our business but about leadership and continuous efforts to improve. SFM offers these same opportunities today and I’m hopeful my schedule will allow a return to reasonable participation in near future.
Gordon Parker* (1986-87)
Erv Jensen (1985-86)
Deanna Hormel (1984-85)
Harlow Kehoe (1983-84)
Kay Stammers* (1982-83)
Richard Ysmael* (1981-82)
Herbert Trumbore* (1980-81)
Kathryn Smith* (1979-80)

  * Deceased