Tell SHFM members a little about yourself:
As a dedicated and passionate hospitality professional, I work to empower others within the industry of all experience levels. I have worked in corporate foodservice, event planning and catering for more than 30 years. I currently serve as President and Owner of HMG+, President of the New York Staffing Association, as well as Chief Marketing Officer at the Academy for Hospitality Arts. Aside from my professional pursuits, I am dedicated to being an advocate and role model to aspiring women everywhere. I’m a huge fan of dancing to 80s music, I’m obsessed with my dog Amber, and am a proud mother and wife.

How do you try to make an impact?
When understanding individuals who want to grow, I truly try to help them in any way I can by being a guardian, mentor, and connector. My main goal is to help others build themselves and better their own careers.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?
It’s a meaningful opportunity to learn and become inspired by the women who have walked before us. When taking time to reflect, we are able to continue to build upon the successes and triumphs from women, so that this industry is an inclusive and equal field for all.

What ways can SHFM members support women in our organization or beyond?
I believe that continued education and scholarship programs will help set women forward, so that the organization can grow on the good work that they’re already doing. There have been many past SHFM women presidents who have set a precedent for being an inclusive forward thinking organization that values the voices of all members.

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