Tell SHFM members a little about yourself:
I have worked in the foodservice industry for a REALLY long time. I started out in Product Management in the food side of the business after I completed my MBA at Northeastern University. After a few different positions, I started my own company providing marketing services to foodservice clients. Now, thirty years later, I’m still focused on this industry, providing marketing services and producing the Foodservice Design BootCamp.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired when I talk to someone who has come up with a fresh new idea, who is enthusiastic and optimistic – and who is obviously having a great time working on it.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?
Women’s History Month is important to all of us. We need to celebrate the achievements of women today and down through history. This year, in particular, we are able to celebrate a new milestone, a woman in the White House. However, we also need to be reminded that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. It’s not so far back in history that we were to fighting for the rights women enjoy today. My grandmother didn’t have the right to vote when she turned 21. My mother, although she had a degree and a solid career, couldn’t get a loan or a credit card without her husband’s permission. Celebrate, but never forget that we need to be vigilant about protecting our rights and striving for equality.

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