SHFM Mentorship Program Military Spotlight

Shfm Cic 2023

Antonio Edwards in the audience of Session 1 at the SHFM Critical Issues Conference. 

Antonio B. Edwards, MSgt, USAF

What was your experience like with the SHFM Foundation’s Mentorship program?

My experience with the SHFM Foundation’s Membership program was nothing short of remarkable. I couldn’t have been paired with a better mentor than Shayne. Helping me focus on what I love and directing me in a path to achieve it, has provided me with new legs in trotting through an industry I have grown to love and respect.

Can you describe your opportunity for engagement with the Foodservice Industry Professionals you met at the SHFM Critical Issues Conference?

My engagement with Foodservice Industry Professionals I met at the SHFM Critical Issues Conference was truly special and inviting. I am often an introvert that excels in small group settings, however, I introduced myself to Stephanie and Crystal and completely shed my safety bubble. So many people were convivial and conversant it only excited me to gravitate and meet more people. The exchange of business cards and contact information like trading cards made me feel I was unlocking new relationships with truly extraordinary people. This opportunity to rub elbows with some of our industry’s leading professionals will not be soon forgotten.

What advice might you offer Industry Foodservice Professionals to share with you, Innovations in Food, Equipment, Technology, or other services?                                                                                                                                   

If I could impart any advice to Industry Foodservice Professionals it doesn’t matter where you start or who is in the race, just run your race. Additionally, step out of your comfort zone and invest in people who invest in you to achieve your greatest return.

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