Corporate Insight
Mark Maloney, President Eastern Division

How has your marketing approach evolved within the last five years?

Through onsite insights, our six sigma focus group process, we are able to continuously get feedback from our customers to ensure we are delivering what our customers are looking for. Throughout the last five years our marketing communication approach has truly transformed from traditional signage in cafes to a focus on social media, apps and non-traditional marketing formats. With more millennials in the work force and an understanding of how they prefer to be communicated to, we have created strategies to attract and retain our evolving customers of today and the future. We also customize all of our marketing so that it is impactful for the smallest to the largest account across our business segments. Nutrition, value, authentic flavors and local are just a few of the key elements that have become a greater focus in our marketing approach over the past five years.
How has the advent of social media changed your company’s approach to marketing?

Social media has created opportunities for Eurest to target communication and reach our non-users by advertising specials, events and promotions. Through social media we are able to cross promote other multi-media, such as café websites and online ordering. Through Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, we are able to showcase and engage our customers in promotions through pictures and videos to drive customer participation in our cafes.
In addition, we have utilized social media to drive programming, consistency and motivate our team members throughout the United States with our Instagram page ( with over 1,900 followers. As we launch new concepts, promotions and campaigns, we utilize our social media platforms to help launch and inspire our team.

Where do you see the most opportunity to grow our industry?

Our greatest opportunity is understanding what our customers value most and what will appeal to them today, as well as the future. With more people thinking innovatively when it comes to the foods we eat and it’s grown, we have a great opportunity to create better-for-you foods and sustainable growth in the food service industry. We’ve partnered with numerous, like-minded companies who share the same philosophy to create sustainable solutions, such as Hampton Creek and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. By doing so, we are provoking industry changes in the way food is grown, produced and manufactured, making healthier foods more attainable and affordable, and also solving agricultural issues.
What do you consider to be the most valuable part of doing business with Eurest for your customers?

We place a significant emphasis on creating great experiences for our guests. Great experiences start with understanding your guests; extraordinary service is the result of anticipating needs and providing the solution before the guest requires it. Because every account across the U.S. is different, we solicit guest feedback, examine each geographical business environment and then tailor our services according to their specific needs. We have a great team and empower them to customize solutions for our customers and clients. All our associates have an “ownership” mindset, which enables them to excite and delight our guests and create a great experience.  
Please share a good story about your early foodservice career that still serves you well today.

My first job was as a pot washer at the age of 14, where I learned the invaluable importance of a team and the appreciation for all team members. The owner of the off-premise catering company always reminded me that execution of excellence in every aspect our events only happened when everyone contributed. Whether you were washing pots like I was or you were on the culinary and serving teams, you were important. While the client would tell him how terrific the wedding or party was, he always told us how each team member was invaluable to the success of the event. He was sure to share his thanks and appreciation for all our efforts. Even today, the first thing I always do is thank the “team in the back of the house” for all they do each and every day. It’s that spirit of team and recognition that have been the cornerstones that have remained with me throughout my career. A People First culture continues to be a way of life and the essence of my leadership.