Marketing to Visit Situations
Within any industry, purchase decisions are influenced by a variety of consumer needs. With foodservice, the decision is not simply whether to have lunch. Other factors come into play: where to dine, to have it alone or with others, to dine in the restaurant, or to take the food away to eat it somewhere else.
We segmented the purchase occasions being reported against all component factors our panelists are asked to record (daypart, weekpart, where purchased, where eaten, prior activity, and party composition). The end result was 18 unique visit situations.

Ranking visit situations

This chart illustrates a variety of situation segments and how they rank for QSR visits.  In this case, we see how QSR’s have been satisfying the growing need for a fast breakfast – a successful business segment for many QSRs. A number of the growing QSR visit situations include weekday occasions that satisfy the need for a quick, convenient meal. This is a growing need in the marketplace, and one that non-commercial foodservice outlets have an opportunity to play a large part. 

Developing marketing strategies based on the unique needs being satisfied or not satisfied by your location could go a long way in helping to appeal to new consumers and attracting more visits.