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Fresh Perspectives

Corey Silverstein, Foodservice Director with Flik Hospitality Group At Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Corey Silverstein, one of SHFM’s youngest members, is following in his father’s footsteps. Corey shares his insights into the industry’s shift towards a younger audience and offers some suggestions on attracting members of his generation to SHFM.
As a new younger member of SHFM, what brought you to our association?
I was brought to the association through my father, who has been a long standing member. He was a past president and seeing him achieve that honor made me very interested in becoming a member.
What could our association do to better attract members of your generation?
In my opinion, I feel that there are many ways to attract members of my generation by offering exciting events and functions that relate to the current times. For example, incorporating trendy foods and spirits in the form of tastings and educational tutorials. Another way of sparking an interest with the younger demographic would be to partner with local artisanal producers for collaboration events.
Why would you recommend SHFM to your peers?
I would recommend SFHM for the networking opportunities that the association presents. It gives you a chance to meet key players in a vast array of positions, across the hospitality industry. Additionally, it can present potential future partnerships with various vendors and operators.
How do you see the industry shifting towards a younger audience?
I see the industry shifting towards a younger audience through the use of various media platforms. Social media, television and the numerous Internet outlets have opened up a new world for foodservice professionals. Food has become a critical part of our everyday lives and inevitably become a focal point of our culture.
What path did you follow to get where you are today?
Growing up in a food centric household created a passion at a young age. Starting off as a busboy and working various position through hospitality operations, has made me appreciate to never forget where you started. A huge piece of what has got me to the point in my career today was the outstanding education I received at Johnson and Wales. Family is a major part of my life and I would not have been able to achieve what I have to this date without their motivation and encouragement to be the best I can be.