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Bourbon, the Only Way to Network:
First time Bourbon Event Leaves Successful, Lasting Taste

Bourbon lover and expert, Allan Roth, kicked off the SHFM Foundation Bourbon Tasting event on October 1st at Inside Park at St. Bart’s in New York. Roth, an instructor at a variety of New York City’s preeminent food and whiskey destinations, guided attendees through a tasting of various American whiskeys, appetizers and networking opportunities. The attendees not only had an opportunity to learn about Bourbon but also contribute to The Foundation’s charitable efforts. Through their contributions including; college scholarships, internships and course funding related to corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality, it was a win, win for everyone.
This first time event showcased several of the world’s best brands including Evan Williams, Four Roses and Russell’s Reserve. The event was a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy an increasingly popular and tasty spirit. The overwhelming reaction to the event, from the attendees, was nothing short of electric as this unique opportunity was the perfect combination of education and excitement. The attendees walked away that night with one important piece information; bourbon, it’s the only way to network.