Ken Fisher
Manager, Facility Services at Groupon 

You’ve been involved with SHFM since 2014 – what is your favorite aspect of being a member?

Meeting colleagues in the industry from companies that I didn't know provided food services to their employees. And as a client liaison, having the opportunity to talk with vendors/sales people in a casual “no pressure" environment.

What is the most valuable benefit you receive from your membership with SHFM?
The White Papers and other materials published by SHFM.

Which SHFM event has been your favorite to attend?  

The annual National Restaurant Association Show breakfast. It is always exciting to hear the story of the latest Hennessy Traveler, and there are so many people from around the country to meet. And, of course, the local events in Chicago that I've participated in since joining SHFM.

What do you see as an important technology trend within the industry?

Increased use of mobile technology by the customer and provider. 

How did you get your start in the industry?

New to facilities management, I volunteered to assist with meeting planning and as I moved from job to job, company to company, I continually became more involved with the foodservice aspects, whether catering, vending service or full cafeteria.

What advice would you share with a young professional considering the industry?

Get involved with professional organizations early and stay involved. The contacts, networking and information-sharing are invaluable.