Member Spotlight
Lee McElroy, Bose Corporation 
This month’s Member Spotlight features Lee McElroy, Manager of Corporate Support Services at Bose Corporation. 

You’ve been involved with SHFM since 2010 – what has been your favorite aspect of being a member?
Meeting other members who work in similar jobs as I do. It is very helpful to learn new ideas and concepts of how other companies tackle issues or challenges, as well as what new services they are providing.
Which hospitality and foodservice services do you oversee and how does SHFM help you balance these responsibilities?
I am the liaison for Bose Corporation. We have six on-site full service cafeterias. I also oversee all of our on-site conferencing services. This includes 104 meeting rooms, and one 308 seat Auditorium.
What do you see as the most important trend in the industry?
Choices and flexibility. People like to have options at all hours of the day and want to pay for them several different ways. 
What is the most valuable benefit from your membership with SHFM?
Networking and keeping up with industry best practices.
What advice would you share with a young professional considering the industry? 
Don’t look so far ahead that you miss helpful lessons along the way. Keeping an eye on future trends is important, but the foundation and relationships you build are key to your success not only in your role within a company or hospitality environment but out in the industry as well.