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Generous SHFM Donation Keeps Charity Truckin’ Along

The SHFM Hunger Games, a friendly competition to support local charity, is a simple concept with amazing results. The competition is easy; you’re placed on a team that competes in four, food-themed activities, with the goal of earning points. The team with the most points is winner and the proceeds benefit Love in Action Outreach.
Love in Action Outreach is a charity started by the amazing, Gail Womack-Murray. Her story is like so many others that she helps today. With little money and in need of food, Gail sought help in the form of food stamps. Turned away for food stamps and hopeless, Gail was luckily introduced to a nearby food pantry that helped her in her time of need. She eventually got back on her feet but never forgot the generosity she encountered that day. By 2005, she formed Love in Action Outreach, a non-profit helping to feed 150 households a month. Now retired, Gail devotes herself full-time to this amazing charity.

With SHFM’s generous donation of $10,000, Love in Action Outreach was able to purchase a 2004 Ford truck with a lift gate. The truck, costing $5,500, will provide some necessary help for the charity. The box truck allows Love in Action Outreach to supplement their food supply by picking up food items from two Winn-Dixie supermarkets and a Wal-Mart. This allows them to double their food distribution rate from 50-75 pounds of food products for a household of 4 or less to 100-150 pounds each month. Larger households, they say, will receive more. Love in Action Outreach will also have the ability to provide pantry participants with fresh produce and dairy products on a daily basis. Extra funds, from the donation, were set aside for gas and routine maintenance for the months to come. This new addition has more than increased their generous ability to serve the residents of New Orleans.
In the end, it’s all about people helping people. To donate, go to www.loveinactionoutreach.org.